Monday, September 24, 2012

Bok Jumoni

For this week's project, I created a Bok Jumoni, which is a money bag that is given as a traditional gift for Koreans. In Korean, the letter Bok (복) means luck, and Jumoni(주머니) means a pocket or a pouch. Just like the name, it is usually given in New Year to wish friends and relatives good luck. 

In the modern Korean society, the practice of giving this pouch to friends and relatives is not seen anymore. However, giving money to your children and relatives on New Years day is still practiced throughout the nation in Korea. By the end of the day, you end up getting so much money. I usually got around 800-1000USD in average, and on the years that you start going to high school or college, you get more money.

In my imagined civilization, I brought back the old Korean tradition of giving the bok jumoni to friends and relatives to wish them luck. However, I would like to change the tradition a little bit by giving the pouch on a Christmas day as a substitute for a Christmas sock. Also, in the pouch, there will be not only money but also bunch of sweets and other goodies. 

This is what I made.. but then, I realized I forgot to add something personal onto my piece.......
I put an American flag badge on the pouch, and I thought maybe this could symbolize myself, a Korean-American. But still, I like the pouch WITHOUT the badge better.

I found some Korean coins in my apartment. So I put them in...

And here are the pictures of other colorful Bok Jumonis:



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